A Streetcar Named Desire

A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE by Tennessee Williams
June 27-July 7, 2013 at the Factory Theater, Boston

Production Company: Wax Wings
Director: Vicki Schairer

Blanche Dubois: Danielle Kellerman
Stanley Kowalski: Jesse Wood
Stella Kowalski: Jacqui Dupré
Mitch Mitchell: Patrick Curran

Winner: 2013 My Theatre Awards for Best Supporting Actress in a Play (Jacqui Dupré) and Best Set Design (Megan Kinneen)



"The women in this play are magnificent... Dupre matches Kellerman, creating a Stella with a strong inner core who throws everything away for lust. Dupre own the unexpectedly best moments on the stage as Stella tames Stanley with the merest look or word, or gives in and sinks into an apish brutishness." - The New England Theatre Geek

"To begin, Jacqui Dupré's Stella Kowalski exceeds expectations. Dupré take a character that could easily slip into the background of this talented cast, however, Dupré makes her Stella a woman with whom to be reckoned. Her Stella is sharp, aware, and, most of all, driven. Her raise of an eyebrow, slant of a smile, and lusty eyes make her Stella one of the most three-dimensional characters that I have seen in recent memory. To take all of this from a character who has been described in many theatre classes as a mere foil of her more interesting sister, Blanche, is what makes Dupré's work all of the more astonishing." - My Entertainment World

"Much of the success of this production was due to a cast that never tried to overdo it. Jacqui Dupré’s Stella and Jesse Wood’s Stanley quietly lured us into the complexity of a fierce, tortured relationship. They whispered their lines and we as an audience leaned in to implicate ourselves in their behavior. We could feel the sweat on their skin, and the hoppy, malted alcohol on ours as Stanley opened a bottle of beer that sprayed it all over us." - Edge Media Network

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